Friday, July 16, 2010

I hate coffee.

Exchange news: kind of. See, my stepdad is the CEO of a networking company and my mom is the vice president. Between them, they know pretty much everyone. Honestly. We can't go anywhere without them stopping to talk to someone they know. So, in the car today, I gave my mom the name of the president of my local Rotary club, just on the off chance that maybe she knew him. Yep. Apparently her and my stepdad are on a first name basis with him. Pretty crazy. But at the same time, really reassuring because I think, wow, this guy can put up with my crazy parents, I shouldn't have a problem. Haha. Except it's true.

Other fun things that happened today: spilled coffee all over my arm and got a lovely burn, found out that I'm pretty much dead as far as my schedule goes next year.

In a little more detail, I was with my mom and some family friends, and we stopped at Panera Bread (it's this place kind of like Starbucks if you don't have them near you). I went inside to help with the coffee, even though I don't drink coffee. So I didn't really know to make sure that oh hey, the top should be on securely. And we were walking out to the car and it spilled ALL over my hand and wrist and down my arm. Oh my god. So much pain. But my mom felt bad and got me ice cream so it was okay. It still kind of hurts, but it's not really red anymore.

Also, I found out just how screwed I am for next year. Technically, I don't get my schedule until Tuesday because all the guidance counselors aren't in until them, but let me tell you, if they tell me I'm in AP Bio, I am going to die. I am just going to say, "NO I DON'T WANT IT SWITCH ME OUT." Because there's this massive summer assignment for it, which does not make me hopeful as far as the workload for the actual school year will go. And with college applications+exchange application+online classes+an already completely insane schedule, just no. It will not work.

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